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Viewstate verification failed. Reason: The viewstate supplied failed integrity check.

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madhu Posted: 11-04-2008 6:50 PM


 I have created a ASP.NET 2.0 web site (c#) and tested well internally.

Then deployed in the production server - Windows 2003 server (which is in US).

When using the system deployed there time to time it gives an error. It seems this happens mostly when I try to acess controls too quickly.

In the Event Viewer it gives the fowllowing  

Event code: 4009
Event message: Viewstate verification failed. Reason: The viewstate supplied failed integrity check.
Event time: 11/4/2008 12:43:30 AM
Event time (UTC): 11/4/2008 6:43:30 AM
Event ID: 6990882f86bb49c8b2f0e410d9aca30e
Event sequence: 827
Event occurrence: 11
Event detail code: 50203 


 This didn't happen when I was testing it internally.


Then I tried by disbling the view state in web.config file

<pages enableSessionState="true" enableViewState="false">


Even after doing that it was giving this error. But in that case the view state string looked much smaller in size.

Tested with a database with very few data (and with view state disabled) and even for that it is giving this error when I am clicking this and that quickly.


Please tell me what I should do to solve this...

(This is my first web site in .NET.) 


 Thank you very much.


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There are a lot of possible causes for this issue. You can take a look this KB:;en-us;829743
Charith Bandara (Msc in IT, MBCS, MACS,MCP)
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Just try the Charith mentioned link. BTW: Most probably, this may relate to application pool. There are few steps to follow according to this Microsoft support article. Just try it.;en-us;555353

Chandana N. Athauda
(MVP - Development Tools - C#)

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